Dog Teeth Cleaning Pen

Watch This Video Below Before You Decide... You Won't Regret It!

Your dog's bad breath is a bigger problem than you think!

It's actually a symptom of Periodontal disease caused by bacteria infection. If left untreated, it could even spread to the heart, kidney, and liver.

Stop periodontal disease in its tracks with this Dog Teeth Repairing Kit.

  • VET RECOMMENDED: At home tartar build-ups removal for your dog
  • NATURAL PLANT-BASED Formula: Made from all-natural substances
  • AT HOME SOLUTION: Instead of expensive vet visits, save money save time 
  • Human Quality Ingredients: Free of parabens, sulfates, and silica allergens, or any animal by-products


good option to clean your puppies teeth


Worth every penny- easy to use!


Must haves!


Save a trip to the vet and buy this!
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